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she wants to wear all the long wedding dresses of the same color

The bachelorette party. The bride's best friends will have the burden of organizing her bachelorette party! No better than you will know that "kind of festivities" are appropriate to the personality and character of the future bride. You will have the task to inform you about who will be the other guests and friends of the bride and involve them, trying to plan and keep everything well hidden until the day of the party.
Well Done Studio
Help in DIY! If the bride is a lover of DIY and creativity and for many decorative details of her wedding will be DIY, your task will be to guarantee two more hands in the creation of the wedding placeholder DIY who will create for the wedding tables. You will look for the most original ideas with her and help her to put them into practice!

Prepare your outfit. If you do them as bridesmaids, you will have to talk to her if she has any preferences about what your look will look like, if she wants to wear all the long wedding dresses of the same color, etc.
Moral support in times of stress. Especially if you will be the witnesses or the bridesmaids, it will be essential for the spouses to have you as a psychological support to defuse and resize small problems or unforeseen that could undermine the bride, thus making reference to all the problem solving you have.
The wedding day during the ceremony
We arrive at the fateful day! Throughout the day, more than ever your friend will need you! Such as? Let's see what you'll have to deal with.
If you are the bridesmaids, you will have to assist the bride during her dress, then accompany her in the parade, keep the girls' pagans and bridesmaids under control (if there will be) and worry about arranging the long train of her elegant dress bride in lace whenever necessary, when she comes down from the car, when she will sit down and get up again during the ceremony ...

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