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she has already begun to imagine all the possible wedding dresses

In the middle of the people, but not too much
Imagine a dinner with your family or friends of a lifetime. You are laughing and joking together and, at a certain point, you stand up and turn to the person you love with all your heart: "I tell you here because we are surrounded by people who love us:" Do you want to marry me? ". Such a proposal is beautiful to receive and to do, whether you are a man or a woman. What is the first thought that would occur to you at that moment? Who knows if you will immediately imagine the wedding dress 2018 or you will be too focused on the brilliance of the ring that you found yourself suddenly in front of you!
What does the etiquette say?

According to etiquette, it is the man who has to make the proposal to the woman, but never before asking the daughter's hand to her father. Once consent has been received, the young person can proceed with the purchase of the ring (usually a solitaire with a diamond, a stone that symbolizes the invincibility of love) and store it in the fateful velvet jewelry box, before the big moment. Our tradition has it that this does not happen publicly, but in private: you must remember that feelings are an intimate issue, to be treated within the home.

Photo EG by Elisa Giorgetti
In fact, in the past, the engagement had to be formalized through a reception organized by the bride's family, which would have allowed the families to get to know each other and the man to donate the ring to his beloved. As for the words to use, leave aside elaborate phrases of love and opt for a classic "Do you want to marry me?". Finally, there is no need to repeat it, say the fateful question by kneeling down!

The proposal has been made and now you just have to wait for the answer. In the best of circumstances evening gowns uk, your loved one will have thrown her arms around her and she has already begun to imagine all the possible wedding dresses for the big day. And are you instead you were to receive the proposal? Even being on that side has its advantages: no organizational problems (for now), but do not be deceived ... soon we must already think about wedding invitations!


the traditions or opt for wedding dresses and groom

Wedding dress and men's formal dress are choices that immediately involve both engaged on the eve of the wedding: some couples try to honor the traditions or opt for wedding dresses and groom in neutral and classic colors, but others look for more clothes details like colorful ceremonial dresses, packed with fabrics and accessories that make them splendid alternatives to tradition. Here are the colorful clothes "for him" selected from the best collections of 2018.
How to wear color

If you love to distance yourself from black and want a more vivid color, just like the bride's flower bouquet, this year you can really go crazy with fabrics of the most vibrant colors or with calm colors and refined more classic, passing through all the ranges of blues. For example, the oil-colored blues renew the men's clothes 2018 sexy red cocktail dresses, turning them into garments that do not go unnoticed, while the Prussian blues and the midnight blue color the men's clothes with unusual but chic shades. Even the whites are a must for this year's groom: for those who do not fear originality, here are the Pignatelli suits with jacket and gilet made with fine and embroidered fabrics, always in shades of white or white tuxedos in satin effect and iridescent.

There are also red and burgundy men's clothes, for a very striking effect and an out-of-the-ordinary elegance. The copper or rust color (though iridescent) is one of the colors proposed in 2018, for eccentric spouses. Also, do not wait for the bright reds or the damask grenade, for all those who are fascinating from princely and almost baroque atmospheres.
Unexpected fabrics and patterns
Color is not the only protagonist: sometimes the groom models are packed with rich and processed fabrics.


this is the right occasion to show off the wedding dress

Are you getting married and you are over 40? Very well, this is the right occasion to show off the wedding dress that you like most, in the face of all the rumors that tell you that a certain type of dress is not suitable for a woman of your age. We offer you a gallery of 30 dresses that include clothes with important slits, mermaid wedding dresses, long and short skirts ... which one do you see best on your wedding shoes?

Charming transparencies
The "I see I do not see" always wins, especially on mature beauties. In these cases, in fact, the transparency gives that discrete and at the same time terribly sexy charm. In these photos you can admire a beautiful example of fine transparency in the dress of Le spose di Giò, the one with three-quarter sleeves in satin wedding dresses for princesses, in which the fabric also covers part of the bride's décolleté; or in the transparent fabric embellished with polka dot embroidery of the Victoria F. dress or in the floral works of art sewn on the Nicole Empire style wedding dress.

Gifts lengths
Why settle for the classic sheath dress for a leading role? If you want to be discreet, there is no better way to do it than with regal lengths. Opt without fear for long skirts, such as those of lace wedding dresses proposed by Maison Signore or as the embroidery of the romantic creations of Lillian West.
If you love the volumes, you will certainly love the dress by Rosa Clará that includes a lace embroidered bodice, a delicate belt at the hips, finished with a simple gala and a skirt with sinuous folds, with invisible pockets. What about the impeccable elegance of Peter Langner or the soft cuts of Atelier Emé ... you are spoiled for choice.


she wants to wear all the long wedding dresses of the same color

The bachelorette party. The bride's best friends will have the burden of organizing her bachelorette party! No better than you will know that "kind of festivities" are appropriate to the personality and character of the future bride. You will have the task to inform you about who will be the other guests and friends of the bride and involve them, trying to plan and keep everything well hidden until the day of the party.
Well Done Studio
Help in DIY! If the bride is a lover of DIY and creativity and for many decorative details of her wedding will be DIY, your task will be to guarantee two more hands in the creation of the wedding placeholder DIY who will create for the wedding tables. You will look for the most original ideas with her and help her to put them into practice!

Prepare your outfit. If you do them as bridesmaids, you will have to talk to her if she has any preferences about what your look will look like, if she wants to wear all the long wedding dresses of the same color, etc.
Moral support in times of stress. Especially if you will be the witnesses or the bridesmaids, it will be essential for the spouses to have you as a psychological support to defuse and resize small problems or unforeseen that could undermine the bride, thus making reference to all the problem solving you have.
The wedding day during the ceremony
We arrive at the fateful day! Throughout the day, more than ever your friend will need you! Such as? Let's see what you'll have to deal with.
If you are the bridesmaids, you will have to assist the bride during her dress, then accompany her in the parade, keep the girls' pagans and bridesmaids under control (if there will be) and worry about arranging the long train of her elegant dress bride in lace whenever necessary, when she comes down from the car, when she will sit down and get up again during the ceremony ...


everything you need is already included in the price

Petals and floklore of Japan is a journey to the most thriving and fascinating places in Japan: from the majestic temples and green parks of Kobe, to Sasebo ancient fishing village, and finally Shingu where nature takes over, making you fall in love with every corner of a landscape breathtaking. The Japan package, the poetry of the Lotus flower instead, always allows you to explore the natural beauty of the country but showing you the most artistic and architectural aspect of the places you visit, with an unmissable one day stop in South Korea. different sprint in Deep East, cradle of civilization that blends a mix of historical facts, visits to sensational buildings and exploration of places of worship couture lace wedding dress, between Taiwan and Japan.
A world of experiences to live and exotic cultures to discover, unique artistic traditions and ceremonies out of time awaits you. Whatever time you choose to leave, you will find only wonders waiting for you. Why not leave now with Costa Crociere?
By choosing the All-Inclusive promotion, everything you need is already included in the price of the cruise: the Beverage Packages to consume drinks by the glass throughout the day, exclusive services in the cabin, the Menù up to the most refined palates, the better than entertainment and Service Units.

Give yourself an exclusive experience: an extraordinary Costa cruise in Japan!

Conditions of the promotion
The "All-Inclusive" promotion includes the following services in the cruise price:
For those who book in the Total Comfort Premium tariff: Service quotas, Water Package (2 bottles of 50 cl per cabin per day for the entire duration of the cruise, 1 bottle in the case of a single cabin), All that is already included in the Total Comfort fare Premium.
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the altar with a sophisticated macrame lace dress

And just during their mini-vacation in Paris, walking along the Pont Des Arts, the most poetic icon for all lovers traveling in the city, Gaetano took a packet of Tiffany from her backpack spanish lace wedding dress, whispering that in a few seconds it would be a very important moment for both.
Between the irrepressible emotion of the moment and the risk of dropping the box in the Seine, Gaetano finally managed to make Carlotta the much desired proposal for marriage.
The wedding with personalized details in a beautiful setting

They pronounced the fateful Yes September 2 in the Basilica of San Seba, a fascinating monastery located on the Aventine Hill of Rome. Carlotta came to the altar with a sophisticated macrame lace dress of a delicate powder pink with an illusion neckline by Nicole, purchased at the Latina Luna Nuova atelier; Gaetano, on the other hand, wore an elegant dark blue suit by Carlo Pignatelli with Swarovski cufflinks.
After the ceremony, the couple started the reception in a beautiful estate in Anguillara Sabazia, a location surrounded by a lush natural scenery, which for the occasion was set up in a very original but above all with exclusively personal taste. The tableau de mariage, for example, was made up of the names of tea, coffee and drinks that Gaetano and Carlotta usually drink daily; the corner for the photobooth was a real living room with witty accessories and a framed guestbook, the cake topper instead consisting of stylized shapes of a glass of beer and a glass of wine with initials Mr & Mrs.

All they wanted was not a label, but to make the small details talk about them. An unforgettable day judging by the radiant smiles and their eyes full of emotion immortalized by the talented photographer Giulia Santarelli who has carefully edited the photo shoot.

A marriage to say the least unique for its details, which has fulfilled the dreams of Carlotta and Gaetano, and that represented the purest celebration of their love.


wedding dresses that have also launched the diktat

How to combine all this with the blue color?
You have seen how for the woman everything has taken shape from the collections of 2018 wedding dresses that have also launched the diktat for the accessories that will complete her look. This is also the case for the men's collections where, among the proposals of the stylists, there are those capsules full of novelties in terms of accessories and jewels. The choice of the color of the watch can not be separated from the nuance of the dress but can sometimes be linked to something else: the theme of the wedding or a coordinated clock - belt - particularly refined shoe.
Tips of etiquette not to forget
The blue watch could be that auspicious accessory for you, just like the blue garter for brides;
not just a strap, even the blue dial can be that extra touch of elegance on this masculine accessory;

no backlit clocks Plus Size Cocktail Dresses, with compass evening dresses, rubber straps or digital display;

you can think of personalizing the back of the dial or the strap engraving a love phrase;
calibrate well the size of the watch with that of your wrist, so that everything is proportioned.
Calvin Klein
The hands of the groom will be framed exactly like the hands of the bride. If it is important for her to have a perfect manicure like a flawless wedding makeup, even for him the focus on twins and the clock can not be overshadowed. The framing will have to be perfect just when you will look into your eyes, you will exchange rings and pronounce your sentences by marriage.


your couple can be the special wedding favor you were looking

Listen to the melody of your hearts

Are you passionate about music? Will yours be a wedding where musical notes will have their importance in various contexts and moments of the day? Here is a CD with the songs that represent your couple can be the special wedding favor you were looking for; that are rock, folk, or melodic it does not matter. You can customize the cover with texts and images or even engrave covers in a recording studio.

The idea of personalization is increasingly taking the married couples who seek originality and uniqueness in every aspect of the wedding, not least, the fashion of containers full of confetti also used as a wedding placeholder. We find them everywhere, they have various sizes, shapes and materials; you can buy them online at attractive prices, saving considerably, especially if you use them as a wedding placeholder idea, taking advantage of discounts on minimum orders.

You can transfer images on the wax through silk-screen printing, thus personalizing the look, or creating fragrances that represent you using essential oils and vegetable candles.
As a last resort, we certainly can not make it one of the legal advantages associated with weddings but at it you can take part in the competition and win 5,000 euros. On our portal you can in fact have fun planning the wedding with free tools, visit the topic by topic from marriage to the advice of other brides and choose our suppliers as locations or retailers of wedding favors.

How to enhance their yield? If the tables are inside a hall, you can take advantage of the beneficial effect of the air conditioning, alternatively childrens red bridesmaid dresses, you can combine with the most resistant seasonal flowers, natural elements such as aromatic plants, branches or leaves. Among the latest trends in centerpieces are the yielding decorations that come down from the ceiling creating a shower of dreamy petals and corollas.

It happens more often with lace wedding dresses where

An article dedicated to femme fatale with wedding dresses where the play of transparencies is the real cornerstone of a precise stylistic choice. There were numerous fashion houses that dusted off this trend among the 2018 wedding dresses collections, daring and perfectly mixing sensuality and romance even with capsule collections of important wedding shoes. Here are 40 models in which to get lost in outfits for strong and unconventional women.
The thin transparent line between nude effects and tattoo lace
Sensuality is also synonymous with an intriguing game I see I do not see that only true transparencies can grant with great skill. When all this focuses on the part of the bodice, then the stylistic ability is based precisely on knowing how to use transparency in small doses, without overdoing the excess and the vulgar.
It happens more often with lace wedding dresses where, to the simple transparent veil white princess wedding dresses, three-dimensional effects or tattoo with lace embroidery strategically positioned to cover some areas of the body, making them deliberately less transparent than others.

Sensual sirens or bold and modern princesses?

The total look travels a bit on these two tracks: on one side there are the mermaid wedding dresses where sensual shapes come to life in tight-fitting dresses that envelop the shapes, highlighting curves and movements; on the other there are the princely dresses where the swollen and fluffy skirts emphasize the ethereal and romantic part made much bolder and more captivating thanks to the transparent corset. In both cases, the corset is perceived as a separate part of the dress. Here, the total absence of fear of daring fits perfectly with a strong and gritty, almost modern female personality.


wedding favors while we in this article we have launched

Chromatic Photo
Small disclaimer: remember that it is forbidden to collect starfish, as well as touch them or simply remove them from the water, in any case you can always create this stylish bag holder wedding dress ivory, buying resin starfish, perfect also as a wedding placeholder idea for your wedding theme sea.


1 or 2 starfish in resin;
any fabric decorations.
if the purchased starfish is very large, you can use only one and put each ring on two rays of the star; if the stars are very small, you can use two and embellish the one with the groom's ring with a bow in fabric, bow-tie style, and the one with the bride's ring, with veil-like tulle.
Togheter forever
Roberta Ovatta Wedding Designer

This idea is extremely simple but we can assure you that with the right materials it could take on a very chic charm, retracing the wake of the seafaring knots.

very thick rope;
2 decorative pins, better with mother-of-pearl tips.

made a maxi knot in marine style; you do not need to be a great expert because you can do it without too much trouble, following tutorials on the internet. At this point, fix the two pins and slide the two rings inside.
There are those who devote themselves to DIY for wedding favors while we in this article we have launched some input also in terms of creative recycling, a topic that is close to the heart of many couples and that inter alia fits perfectly with the issues green and eco-bio linked to the sea, especially if you have opted for wedding favors.

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